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Smartphone is one of the most common gadgets that the world uses this time. Almost everyone has a Smartphone in their hands today. One of the biggest reasons behind higher popularity of these Smartphones is their multiple use features. You can perform each and every type of work on the Smartphone. However all the credit goes to the advanced technology that made this possible.

Now days you can’t imagine the life without a Smartphone that’s why there are many people who handle their phone with very much care and protect their phone more than themselves. But still one of the most common problems that the Smartphone users have faced is the broken screen.

Screen of Smartphone is made by the LCD that i.e. liquid crystal display. LCD is very thin and gets easily broken even with a little jerk or punch. However, most commonly they get broken by slipping from the hands of the user. When your LCD gets broken you don’t have enough options but to go for LCD refurbishing. Refurbishing makes your screen new as your old and damaged screen is replaced by the new one.

Equipments used for refurbishing of LCD

There are many types of equipments that are used in the refurbishing of the LCD. Here are four major equipments listed below.

  • LCD separator – this machine is available in three different types such as automatic, manual and semi automatic. But the most used and loved machine is the manual LCD separator. This is due to the fact that manual machine is very cheap and can also separate the broken glass from the phone very easily.
  • Vacuum laminating – this machine is also available in two different types such as semi automatic and automatic. Vacuum laminating machine ensures that new screen is perfectly fitted with the surface of the phone and this machine also make sure that no vacuum is left between the surface of phone and screen so that the new screen does not come out or gets lose in fitting. It is the best to use the automatic vacuum laminating machine because it can give you more optimum results.
  • Air bubble removing – this machine is used to remove the air bubble from the screen if any bubble appears. This machine works on seven atmospheric pressures which are considered as very high level of pressure so when you are working with this machine make sure that you work safely.
  • Air compressor – This machine supports the air bubble removing machine, frame laminator and laminating machine at the same time.

Getting the LCH changed is one of the cost effective measures that you can take to get your broken phone back into working condition.

January 29, 2017 / Marlene