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Are you in need to build a website for your business? Or do you want to design a web page? Alright here is all what you need to know. Special care must be taken while designing a web page for example- not overloading your pages with text, keeping paragraphs short, delivering useful information etc. For designing a great web page proper planning is required and the most important thing is to know and understand the need of your audience.

Points to be kept in mind while designing a web page

  • The material you put on your page should be impactful, and it should attract the user. As a user does not spend much time reading whole of the article to find sense.
  • Try to hold the user attracted by putting headers and using short paragraphs.
  • Do not overload your pages with text, if you a have a lot of information to share, share it by breaking it into small chunks.
  • Don’t give hyperlinks in each and every paragraph to your audience just to make them visit pages on your web. If you have to give a hyperlink give it at the bottom of the paragraph.
  • Make sure that your web page takes less time to download, as the user leaves the web page if it takes more than seven seconds to download.
  • Check the time your web page takes to download at low speed connection. If it takes long to download remove graphics and multimedia content from it.
  • Feedback plays an important role to make things better. So, provide your audience with an easy and simple way to reach you and express their view.
  • While designing the web pages use correct HTML.
  • Use cascading style sheet for layout, styles, and web front.

It is not a compulsion on you to design a website by your own; you also can hire a web designer. Web design involves building of web pages hence a web designer will design a web page for you taking charges in return of his/her work. Hiring a web designer is a good idea as it not only saves you from a heap of work but also provides you with a professional outcome. There are many web designing companies in the market, providing the web designing services.

Tips for hiring a web designer

  • Before hiring a web designer check the work done by them and read webcreationuk reviews, it will help you to understand their capability and their unique style of work.
  • Choose an experienced web designer. An experienced web designer will have much to offer you.
  • Ask whether the web designer you are going for can offer you a custom website or can just offer you a template one, which are really very common.
  • You must communicate to your web designer about what you need. Discuss your requirements and finalize the things before getting into a contract. Get each and every term clear before hiring a designer.
  • Get the contract in writing, it includes the terms and condition and the work that the web designer is supposed to perform.

February 10, 2016 / Marlene